Double Action Grips

Any of the following styles can be modified to fit your needs.

Double Action Styles

Skeeter Skelton Style

Skeeter’s original wrap-around design with open back-strap no finger grooves and slim sides. There is a slight palm-swell which flares out toward the bottom-strap and has a comfortable radiused edge at the bottom-strap.

Clint Smith Style

Similar to the Skeeter Skelton Style but without the flare toward the bottom.

Bob Braun Style

Special for the “J” frame. This grip encloses the front, bottom and back-straps with a lot of wood covering the back-strap. This allows those with larger hands to comfortably reach the trigger with the part of the finger your supposed to pull it with by moving the whole hand further back on the frame.

John Taffin Style

John has designed a grip that is a take-off on the original S&W Coke Bottle Style grip. John’s design is somewhat thinner and incorporates more of a palm-swell than the original, with a slight flare at the bottom -strap and a groove along the top of the right panel to accommodate a right-handers trigger finger. Rather than a speed-loader cut out, there is only a depression.
S&W J, K, L, N & X Frames:
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Grade #3 Walnut
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Grade #1 Walnut
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