Thanks for the gorgeous grips!

Thanks for the gorgeous grips! The grips fit both my revolver and hand perfectly and the burly walnut sure lives.


Again, thanks – and have a nice summer in Colorado!

Sverker U.

These were crafted by Tedd and have become family heirlooms

When I purchase a sixgun it is only the beginning. It is a very rare revolver of mine which is not fitted with custom grips. There are two reasons for this. One is the fact that I like to make each sixgun personally mine; the other reason is most factory grips, especially on double action revolvers, do not even come close to fitting my hand.


My favorite double-action grip is known as the Skeeter Skelton Style. This design goes all the way back to before WWII when Walter Roper designed the target grips for Smith & Wesson. Skeeter Skelton took the Roper design and adapted it to fit him personally and basically changed it from a very hand-filling grip to one more usable for every day carry. This included adding a little flair at the bottom and rounded edges. Skeeter took his idea for the perfect double-action grip to his friend Steve Herrett to craft. In the 1980s Deacon Deason of BearHug Grips was given permission by Skeeter to duplicate his design.


Now Skeeter, Steve Herrett, and Deacon are all gone, however the Skeeter Skelton Style grip lives on. Tedd Adamovich of BluMagnum was a close friend of Deacon’s and Deac shared his stock making skills with Tedd. Deacon passed on in 1994 and Tedd received permission from both Skeeter’s and Deacon’s widows to continue to produce the Skeeter grip. Without a doubt these are my favorite double action sixgun grips. Tedd duplicates them to perfection offering both standard square butt and round butt styles as well as round butt to square butt versions. I would not want to try to count how many of my double action Smith & Wessons wear BluMagnums.


In addition to the finest double action grips available, BluMagnum also offers some of the finest single action grips imaginable. Two of my favorite single actions, a Hamilton Bowen Ruger Flat-Top Blackhawk .41 Special wears absolutely mouthwatering fancy walnut stocks while my Bill Grover Texas Longhorn Arms Skeeter Skelton .44 Special has been fitted with one piece creamy ivory stocks. Both of these were crafted by Tedd and have become family heirlooms.


BluMagnum believes strongly in the 3 Fs, function, feel, and fit. They also realize grips are quite subjective and there’s no such thing as one size or style setting all. Tedd also specializes in grips for J-Frame pocket revolvers.


I’ve known the best sixgunsmiths and grip makers who have ever plied their craft. Deacon Deason and Roy Fishpaw are now gone, however Tedd Adamovich carries on their rich tradition.





John, being a modest man, didn’t mention that he also designed an exceptionally fine grip style that we’re proud to offer.


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If you’re a gun guy I highly recommend you view and read www.gunblast.com. I guarantee you won’t be sorry.


I very highly recommend you contact Tedd

My business, the manufacturer of hollow point handgun bullets, requires me to shoot a lot of different handguns for testing purposes. The gun I like best for concealed, recreational carry is a long barrel Ruger single action revolver in a shoulder holster.


However, looking for a smaller version of the large Ruger, I decided on a single six with grip modifications. Duane Dyer of Colorado Springs, fit and modified the profile of the birds had grip frame. His work was above excellent.


Tedd Adamovich then went to work on the grips using burled walnut. The grips have an unequaled finish and a warm feel like fine ivory. The wood to metal fit is flawless, including the inset of the screw ferrules. They allow for concealment and proper placement of my trigger finger. The finish can also be easily repaired if scratched.


Tedd’s vast handgun experiences give him an insight into his customers’ needs like few other people.


I very highly recommend you contact Tedd. He will get your gun to point correctly, control recoil and it will look and feel great too.


Larry M. Anderson

Anderson Ballistics



I highly recommend Larry’s hollow points. They expand reliably…every time.